In a world of saturated media, I believe in creating content that balances minimalism & raw energy. 

Juliette is a visual designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Designing under the principle that if you do it right it will last forever, Juliette approaches her works with a balance of intuitive and methodical practices. Her process is centered around precision, clarity, and readability with an emphasis on typography and graphic elements.

With nearly a decade of experience in branding, design strategy, styling, illustration, content creation and fashion journalism, Juliette creates visually powerful and intellectually elegant design solutions. Focusing on brands in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, she works with companies who are mindful about their impact and bring authenticity to their communities. 

If you need a logo, brand identity, website (responsive or e-commerce), collateral, packaging, etc. -- let's talk more about your vision.

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